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June 2, 2005
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Ready when you are by Ihabia Ready when you are by Ihabia
Are my eyes bleeding? Funny, after 10 hours straight working on this it sure feels like itÖ
I had to shrink this baby from 60 cm across to 16 cm. Donít know why I always work with such a ridiculously large canvas, must be some sort of inferiority complexÖ

Anyway, these are the two main characters, Daemon & Blood, from a novel Iím writing. I felt an urge to draw a fight between the two, something which eventually mutated into this. Yari against Katana, I wonder who will win? Daemon has a longer reach but Blood has more experienceÖ

*Smacks herself.* Stupid. Of course I get to decide since Iím the author.
I must be loosing brain cells by the minute, a sign I should submit this and then go to bed.

If you want a closer look at Daemon heís here.
If you're wondering about Blood she's right here.
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FilthyJinx Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005
Ooh, this is great! I really like the composition of it.
Now for some concrit... As my dear mentor DrGraevling always says; contrasts are your friend. However, due to the fog, it works well as it is now, but soem more shading wouldn't hurt methinks.

It's still a fav though. ^_^
Weiila Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2005
Whoo, I love it. The posing is great and the mist just makes it beautiful! Excellent work, Jessie!
Ihabia Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2005
EEEEH! *giggles and hids her face behind her hands*... ok not really but you get the picture.

Thank you so much for the fav and the compliment!
Weiila Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2005
You're very welcome ^_^
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