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My first experiment with screen tones. I have to admit I got a little (very) carried away, but it was fun and really good practice.

The girl is Skade, my bounty hunter elf from Insanity RPG. Now Skade would never get undressed in front of other people, not to mention sit around in a room full of pillows wearing nothing but a see-through shawl, but at least it’s an excuse to draw her tattoos.
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dimitridimitri Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2006
Your gallery is full of fantastic work! This is one of my favourite pieces of your work. There's lots of character in the drawing and the body is wonderfully formed, with a fantastic shape. The screen tones have been used very well to create a soft composition, particularly in the top left, and keeping this in black and white it a good choice as it really helps to keep a lot of the subtlety working well. Super work!!
Weiila Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2005
I keep telling you woman, you get this darn art-thingy developed and evolved waaay too quickly. Admit it, you're some art-dude reborn. Or an alien. *eyes suspiciously*

Awsome, absolutely awsome. I love the way you draw cloth, and that transparent piece of cloth hanging down is gorgeously putting emphasis on her face and making her even more seductive. Her pose and body are wonderfully done as well. Only nitpick I can think of is that her breasts may be a wee bit too big, since you tend to describe her as anorectic.
Ihabia Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2005
You angel you, spoiling me with your comments that way. You're absolutely right about the breast thing, they've been to big and her hips too full in all the pictures I've drawn of her. It's just so easy just to slopp on some curves, much easier than drawing muscle definition and bones.

Dammit, next time I'll get it right...
FilthyJinx Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2005
But it's Jürgen's dream, ya know. XD
FilthyJinx Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2005
*cackles evily*
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December 5, 2005
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